Comcast dta composite output

11. února 2012 v 13:36

Tivo can't receive from Comcast DTA . it to expect input on composite, given that the Comcast DTA (for me and thousands of others) is known by the TiVo to have coax output.
Newsgroups: . Hooked up and activated my DTA box with output direct . I suppose none of the DTA models has composite

Comcast dta composite output

video and .
Setup DTA with VCR; Comcast Newsmakers. June 2011; May 2011 . Connect a composite cable (red, white and yellow connectors) from the Audio Video Output jacks on the back Comcast dta composite output Comcast dta composite output of the .
. wanted to apply it to the composite, component or S-Video inputs. Unfortunately, the new Comcast box only has a coaxial output . I just picked up a Comcast DTA .
Have you called comcast to make sure they have the right serial numbers from the dta's on your Maybe there are no rate codes on the outlet that the DTA is on?
Another possibility: does your TV have composite input jacks (yellow-red-white)? If yes, connect the composite output of the Comcast DTA to the composite input on the TV.
if we hook it up using the DTA box that comcast supplied we get our other channels . SD converter in the second location it could be hooked to the composite video output .
The DTA has only RF output, so you can't connect them directly . 1) Rent a different box from Comcast, one that has more outputs, like composite and/or S-Video.
. HDMI, 2 component, 2 composite, 1 USB, 1 Ethernet, 1 optical digital audio output . unixwiz � Comcast, DTA's and once again the rise of the cable box. Comcast has .
Can I use the new Comcast DTA with my Panasonic EH50 dvd-recorder? DVD Recorders . The 2160 composite output, along with that of a Sony DVD player, is fed through a .
Absent some firmware workaround from TiVo, or Comcast providing a DTA with a de-modulated, composite (non-RF Coax) output. Or me buying a TiVo HD.
I've heard I can rent a Motorola DTA-700 that has both RF Coax and Composite outputs but Comcast will charge me $ . buying an old
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